Welcome to Scream Like A Rockstar! If you are looking for online screaming lessons then you have come to the right place. My name is Lane Taylor and I am a heavy metal vocal instructor who can help take your voice to the next level. If you have ever dreamed of fronting your own metal or hard rock band but lacked proper screaming technique to get started then this website is for you! The screaming lessons DVD I offer is a one of a kind approach and will speed up your learning curve like no other. It will teach you to scream lows, mids and highs with a commanding sense of power – the kind of power and heaviness you hear from today’s heavy rock stars. Not only will my program help you develop proper screaming technique it will also show you tips and tricks you can use to keep your voice healthy if you plan on playing frequent back to back shows. If you plan on being a rock star (even a local one) then consider this THE manual.

You may be able to party like a rock star ..but can you scream like one?








The DVD Chapters

Scream Like a Rockstar Chapter 1I’ll quickly go over diaphragmatic breathing and why it is essential in teaching you how to scream. We will walk through a breathing exercise to get you on the right track then examine how the diaphragm behaves while screaming with the help of a cool 3d video. You’ll get a chance to see the diaphragm in action as I execute a low, middle and high pitched fry scream.

Warming up is a must before you even attempt to scream. This chapter will get your voice good and warm before we attempt the more advanced screaming exercises. The warm up known as “bubbles” is a metal industry standard and popular among many of today’s metal front men. After I take you through the exercise you can download the mp3 warm up I have provided and practice on your own.

This chapter is absolute gold. It will bring out your inner screaming demon like no other. I will show you some of the most unorthodox screaming exercises you cannot find anywhere on the internet. Youtube ain’t got nothing on these screaming lessons! You’ll find yourself practicing “The Barbarian Hey” “Dog Barks” and “The Karate Voice Throw” in your sleep. Enjoy!

If you break a string on your guitar you restring it. You can’t do that with your voice so take good care of it. In this chapter I will go over personal remedies that I use to keep vocal cord inflammation under control. I guarantee that you’ve never seen vocal care remedies like these anywhere!

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