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Hard Rock Vocal Lessons

Are you looking for hard rock vocal lessons? Welcome to Scream Like A Rockstar! You will find lots of great free tips and advice here in the blog section and an instruction DVD that will take you step by step … Continue reading

How to growl and scream the right way

Are you looking for lessons on how to growl? Well welcome to the party! I’m Lane Taylor and I teach online screaming lessons to musicians looking to learn the art of screaming and growling. Let me give you a few … Continue reading

How to Scream Sing – Online Screaming Lessons for Musicians

  Learning how to scream sing is not all that difficult once you learn some technique. It’s really just a matter of mastering the right vocal tension with the proper breath support from the diaphragm. (The video below is recent … Continue reading

Can anyone learn to sing? The answer is YES!

Can anyone learn to sing? Absolutely. Sure, certain people may have more natural talent than others but through practice you can master just about anything. This of course includes singing! Let me give you 3 great tips if you want … Continue reading

How to improve singing in 3 easy steps

Looking for ways on how to improve singing? Excellent! Let me give you a few great singing tips for your singing arsenal. Here we go! Master your breath – The diaphragm muscle located in your abdomen is what helps take … Continue reading

How to screamo scream like a rockstar

  If you are trying to learn how to screamo scream you are at the right website! My name is Lane Taylor and I teach online screamo lessons to musicians looking to learn the art of screaming. Rock stars have … Continue reading

Singing tips for every singer’s arsenal

Well you just found a great blog for singing tips. With that being said let’s get started! I go over many singing tips at (most of them free) so I encourage you to click your way through and find … Continue reading

How to sing better and be your own vocal coach

So you want to know how to sing better? Well you have just stumbled upon the right website my friend! There really is no better way to learn to sing better other than having a personal vocal coach to work … Continue reading

Fry Scream – Learn how to do it effectively!

A fry scream is easy once you get the technique down. Its really just a combination of the right air pressure (from your diaphragm) and the correct vocal tension. The vocal tension of course depends on the pitch you want … Continue reading