How to Scream Sing – Online Screaming Lessons for Musicians


Learning how to scream sing is not all that difficult once you learn some technique. It’sfire skeleton really just a matter of mastering the right vocal tension with the proper breath support from the diaphragm.

(The video below is recent practice sessions of me singing and screaming)








Here are some tips to get you started!

Master your breath support – So what is this thing called the diaphragm again? It is the muscle located in your abdomen that is responsible for helping you take air in and out of the lungs. When you breathe in the diaphragm expands – breath out and it contracts. When you workout this muscle and keep it in good shape you are going to have an easier time learning how to scream and sing. I do deep breathing exercises daily in order to keep my diaphragm in tip top shape. Here at Scream Like A Rockstar I go over breathing techniques that will help you become the screamer you’ve always wanted to be! Have a look around…there is a lot of good information on this website.

Get familiar with vocal cord tensions – When you sing and scream low notes there is a looser tension on the vocal cords (and false cords). Higher tensions of course produce a high screaming pitch or high singing note. Play around with this and see what it feels like. When you sing or scream in higher registers you should be able to feel your voice box move up. The lower your pitch the lower the voice box moves down. The next time you get in your car and start the engine try revving it up a bit. Hum along to the engine as it revs higher and then follow it with your voice as it goes lower. I use to do this little technique when driving to shows when I played in my band. It is also a good way to get your voice good and warm.
Video tape yourself practicing – This little tip was given to me by a vocal instructor long ago. It is a great way to see yourself and makes it easier to correct mistakes you may be making. When I videotaped my practices I was able to see things I was unaware of before such as posture and pitch problems. This is definitely something that will streamline the process and teach you how to scream sing that much quicker. Give it a try!

Take care of your voice – It is no mystery that heavy music taxes your voice a lot. Those piercing screams come at a price don’t they? When you use proper screaming technique this will of course allow you to scream much longer but no singer ever escapes the occasional bout with a hoarse voice no matter how good they are. Take care of your voice. When you feel hoarse stop singing and heal up before you get back to it! In the DVD series I cover some great supplements that will help bring down vocal cord inflammation. This of course will allow you to heal much faster if you are out there playing frequent shows or touring.

As always…if you ever have questions feel free to contact me!