How to screamo scream like a rockstar


If you are trying to learn how to screamo scream you are at zombiesthe right website! My name is Lane Taylor and I teach online screamo lessons to musicians looking to learn the art of screaming. Rock stars have been screaming in music for years yet there are still very few vocal instructors who teach the art of screaming. Here you’ll develop a voice so powerful it will knock down a horde of zombies!

Glad you made it my friend. Let me give you a few tips to get you started!

Breath Pressure – If you want to know how to sing screamo music then understanding diaphragmatic breathing is a good place to start. The diaphragm is the muscle located in the abdomen that helps regular your breath pressure. Screaming using the proper technique all starts with the proper breath pressure. Practicing with vocal scales is a great way to work out and strengthen the diaphragm muscle along with any type of deep breathing exercise. This will ultimately get you on the track with your breathing which will allow you to scream using the proper technique.



Vocal Cord (and false cord) Tension – You must master the proper breath support with the right vocal cord tension. This is what makes the scream sound. Beginners who are new to screaming will usually start out forcing too much air at too fast a rate over the vocal cords. This produces a yell and not a scream. If you are a newbie be careful! There is no faster way to blow out your voice than to start yelling your head off without using technique. What I suggest is starting out at a very low volume. I have many cool unorthodox exercises for you in the Scream Like A Rockstar package in the products section of this website.

Vocal Care – The best thing you can do for a hoarse voice in stop screaming. Try not to even talk if you can. The voice will heal faster. I recommend starting out with a light humming exercise when you feel you are ready to start testing the waters after a bout with a hoarse voice. I have specific vocal remedies I go over in detail in the program. Cool supplements that can cleanse the lungs, bring down vocal cord inflammation and enable you to be a more efficient screamer!